CIX Acceptable Use Policy

CIX Forums, CIX Conferencing and CIX Online are trading names, brand names and a product names owned by CIX Online Ltd.

The following details the Accetable Use Policy (AUP) for CIX Online, CIX Forums, CIX Forums API, CIX Conferencing,("the Conferencing Service(s)"), CIX Webmail, CIX Contacts, CIX Spam and Virus Filter, CIX Calendar, CIX Document library, CIX sms, CIX Voice mail, CIX Fax mail and CIX Teleconferencing referred to in the CIX Online Terms and Conditions or in cix:cixnews/reference. If you do not understand any of the items listed here please contact us by emailing


  1. You may only use CIX Online Service(s) for lawful purposes. You must not post anything indecent, obscene, offensive, abusive, disruptive, libelous or defamatory by email, to the conferences, usenet newsgroups, or to any server space. You may not distribute any material of a harassing nature. You must also own or have permission from the owner of the material to distribute/ post the material.
  2. You must not evade our authentication and security, or that of any other Internet Service Provider ("ISP") or network (i.e."hacking"), nor interfere with the services provided by us to any other CIX Online service user, nor interfere with the services of any other ISP or network. You shall not port-scan our, or anyone else's, network without our prior permission. You must not attempt to hack, sabotage or disrupt our, or anyone else's network by any means including DoS and SMURF attacks.
  3. When you use CIX Online Service(s) to connect to someone else's network, you should be aware that you may be subject to their rules as well as those of CIX Online. In the event of conflict please contact CIX directly.
  4. You will take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised use of your account, including keeping your password secure and protecting your PC(s) from unauthorised access. You may allow others to use your account with your permission at any time, however you accept responsibility for that person's actions.
  5. You must not make generally available (especially via usenet, social networking sites or your server space): mailing lists - except where those on the mailing list have given their explicit permission; Software for spamming; personal data on others, except where they have given their explicit permission. You shall not run an open mail relay. You shall not spam under any circumstances. We think the term is clear meaning 'multiple unsolicited emails' however if you are in doubt regarding whether a mailing is to be considered 'spam' please contact us to discuss before sending the emails. You shall comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 at all times.
  6. You shall not purposefully 'mail bomb' any user by sending 10 or more similar messages to any user without permission from that user. Similarly you shall not 'news-bomb' any news group by sending more than 10MB of data to any newsgroup or conference unless you have permission from the Moderators of that newsgroup or conference, or CIX Online. You shall not manipulate your email address so that it appears to come from an email address of another user.
  7. You acknowledge that we will be unable to provide the service if users purposefully overload the system. You shall avoid doing any acts likely to result in a severe degradation of the services.
  8. Messages should be posted into the forum relevant to their content. For example,advertising should go into advertising forums. If you have any queries about the best place to post a message, please ask the in the forum or via email to
  9. We reserve the right to remove material from conferencing, news and web servers for: maintenance of our services; infringement of this AUP; receipt of any allegation of defamation, copyright or other Intellectual Property Right infringement by any third party.
  10. We may vary this AUP from time to time in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

2. CONFERENCING (also known as Forums)

    In addition to the above:

  1. You shall not copy any message or file posted in a closed, or closed confidential conference (forum) outside that conference (forum) without the author's permission. You shall not republish any message posted in open, closed or closed confidential conference (forum) outside of CIX Conferencing (CIX Forums)without the author's permission.
  2. Conferences (Forums) are run in the first instance by the Moderators. If you have any dispute with the Moderators of a conference you should follow the guidelines laid out in the "CIX Conferencing Complaint Process" as posted from time to time in cix:cixnews/reference.
  3. Official CIX Online conferences (forums) are as listed in cix:cixnews/reference. Where specific rules are stated in cix:cixnews/reference governing the use of an official conference (forum), they must be accepted prior to, and upheld during, participation of that conference.
  4. You shall not put sales material into conferences (forums), unless the Moderator allows such material.
  5. You shall not create a conference with 'CIX', 'ICUK' or 'Ameol' anywhere in its name without permission from the CIX management.

Updated October 2014